Uniformed-Unarmed-GuardsWhile hiring a security guard in Malaysia, as customer you should know the difference between armed and unarmed guards. Anyone you hire from a reputed company will always be uniformed because it is not just a costume but plays an integral role in making criminals and trespassers stay away from your premises. A person gains the responsibility and the ability to control a crowd or keep crime at bay only when they are uniformed which is why companies insist on such guidelines. Here are the scenarios where you could hire an unarmed guard.

Schools and Colleges

The educational institutions are the places where unarmed, uniformed guards play a vital role. These locations are usually not under constant threat or attack. Besides, there is always the option to keep a rifle or any other weapon in the stash room to retrieve them in times of emergency. On their everyday job role, the security guard in Selangor will always be unarmed because in schools and colleges, young children and adults study.

It is not necessary to use such heavy weaponry in here. Besides, it could also lead to harmful situations when they may try to use it for illegal purposes. Hiring a guard in universities has multiple benefits because besides securing the place, they also monitor to stop drug activity, illegal exchanges and any other tasks the students might involve in.

Supermarkets and Retail Shops

The security guard services in Selangor can easily grasp the requirement of a client and will send you the right type of person for the job. If you specify them that you have to secure a supermarket or retail shop, they often suggest unarmed guards as they are more suitable for such locations.

A shop where you sell clothing, perfume or grocery items is not under threat making it possible to hire low profile, affordable guards who are more than enough for these tasks! They will monitor the crowd, check their bags and ensure that everything is disciplined. Hiring a trained guard has a lot of advantages because they are capable of handling crisis if it happens and can also help maintain order when there is too much crowd to control.

For more details, you can always talk to a customer representative who will be more than happy to help you out with your requirements. They will suggest the right type of person based on the nature of your business.

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