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Many individuals feel unsafe in a time where home invasions and thefts are high in number. While you can hire a reliable home security guard in Klang to protect your premises, it is all good if the family members are well-trained and know how to handle such critical situations. And, it’s good if you befriend the neighbors as soon as you move in. 

Find Reputed Security Solutions

The first step to protect your family against such invasions is to not just hire any guard but the one from reliable security guard services in Malaysia. A good company always does detailed background verification to ensure they don’t have any criminal background. This step is important to make sure your guard doesn’t team up with other burglars to ambush you.

Be Cautious with Doors and Windows

Using the right type of wood and locks for your doors is seriously important. Just because some of them looks fancy doesn’t mean they can protect you well. Besides, make it a habit and teach your family members including children to lock all windows, doors, even the ones that are in the first or second floor to avoid any intrusions. Such issues not only occur in the night but sometimes in the morning as well when there is little activity outside.

Understand the Intruder’s Intentions

You may wonder why a civilian like you should think like a cop and understand a criminal’s intentions. But, if you wish to protect your family, you should know what he seeks. If they are simply looking for cash, give them whatever is available and save yourself for the time being. Home invasions often occur with complete homework where they pose as a technician or someone else to assess the valuables in your home before invading. Always be careful of whom you allow into your home and see if they actually come from the company that you called.

Surveillance Equipment Helps

Investing in good surveillance equipment can help you nab the thief at a later time and sometimes it also shuns them off, considering the fact that it is risky to attack someone like you. A reliable security guard business in Malaysia may have all the equipment that you could purchase and they will also help you install them at the right positions. Try to keep some cameras in wide view and instantly recognizable while keep some hidden so that they could capture the culprit’s face without being destroyed.

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