Do what you can to make your home as safe as possible. It all starts by becoming more active with your neighborhood. It’s true that anyone can become a victim of crime, but there are some very basic things that you can do to deter criminals from choosing you. People generally think of their homes as safe havens where the outside world can not get to them, but statistics constantly show that crime and home invasions are on the rise all over the Nation.

Crime In Your Neighborhood
One of the best ways to ensure that a burglar does not target your house for a break in is to make your entire block a highly secure area. This involves working with your neighbors so that everyone watches out for each other. Think of your block as a mini community, and you can rely on your neighbors to keep you safe just as much as they can rely on you.
Meet the people who live nearby, and get to know their names, what cars they have and exchange phone numbers. Keep a list of this contact information near a phone, so you can call anyone on your block should the need arise. Consider starting an official Neighborhood Watch Group and working with local law enforcement agencies to help watch over everyone in your neighborhood.

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What essential insurance need for security guards?  There are many jobs that will make getting insurance necessary and being a security guard is one of them.  Insurance will prevent you from being financially responsible to individuals or to companies when you are working in a high risk job.  Without the proper insurance you could be responsible for paying for things that you cannot afford and that are not under your control.

Although there are other jobs that have a higher risk than security guards, there are still risks that come with this career.  Some of those risks might include encounters with aggressive people and insurance will protect you should you come across those types of people.  While these incidences might not be the norm on your job, they do happen and you should be prepared if they do, otherwise you will be responsible to cover the costs out of your own pocket.

One of the most basic components you should look for in an insurance policy for security guards is liability coverage.  There are 2 types of liability coverage.  General or comprehensive liability coverage protects both companies and individuals from any accusations of negligence or actual negligence.  Incidences that occur as a result of an honest mistake are covered by professional liability coverage.

Insurance for security guards should also cover vehicles if you need to use a car or other motorized transportation for patrolling the area that you are responsible for.  The insurance should cover damage to vehicles and any accident that could cause an injury to the people in the vehicle.

Security guards should make sure their insurance policy covers a few other things, too.  It should cover medical bills, false arrests, libel, protection from property damage, and protection against assault and battery.  Some security guard jobs, like mall security, might not seem like they are very dangerous, but unexpected things can happen and it is best to be covered just in case.

To make sure that you get the insurance policy that best suits your needs as a security guard, take the time needed to do your research.  Ask lots of questions to ensure that you get the answers you are looking for.  You can ask the company that you work for if they have a suggested provider that their staff can rely on.  If you have the right security guard insurance you can relax, knowing that you will be covered in case of accidents or other incidences that may occur.


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When employers are hiring security guards to protect their business or the people that use the space, the most important qualification that they look for is certification. It is essential that the people that they entrust their safety to have completed proper security guard training and have taken courses that are approved and certified. Of course, there are many other qualifications and skills that employers of security guards look for, too. Security guards play a very important role in any company that employs them. They make sure that people, places, and things are safe. If there is an incident, they are there to relay the details to responding officers and without those details, it would be much more difficult for police officers to do their job. Security guards are found at private buildings, large corporations, malls, and many other locations to offer protection. One of the qualities that employers expect is that candidates are in good physical condition. If there is a break in or someone’s well being is at risk you will have to be in good physical shape to subdue the suspect or protect the victim. You will also need to make sure the suspect does not escape before the police arrive. If you are not in good shape it will be very difficult to fulfill these parts of your duties. Employers also look for security guards at are able to communicate well with other. They may have to speak to people that come to the building to purchase products or services or they may have to diffuse a difficult encounter with a suspect. If there is a emergency, employers need to be confident that their staff will not make the situation worse by losing their temper or being overly assertive. Although it might not be obvious, employers also look for security guards that have first aid training and experience. If you are protecting people it is necessary that you know how to help someone if they are hurt. Employers expect that you will know how to do CPR and other first aid skills so that you can help someone until the ambulance gets there. There may be a great deal of variety in the skills and qualities that employers are looking for in a security guard, depending on what kind of position they are hiring for; however, there will always be some skills that are useful and will help the security guard do a better job, no matter what kind of job is being interviewed for.

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