Security officers must meet certain standards of appearance because of their important position of being among the first to greet visitors to the Plant. While other employees may occasionally present a casual or even unkempt appearance, security officers should never do so, even during the night shift hours. Security officers will report for duty in a clean, neatly pressed, serviceable uniform worn completely and correctly. Articles will not be carried in the pockets that will cause a bulge. The breast shield will be worn where it is visible at all times. Black shoes, black socks, and black belts will be worn.
The normal standard of appearance Of Security Officer  includes:
1. Clean and freshly ironed shirt.
2. Clean and neatly pressed uniform pants.
3. Wearing the complete uniform with all brass attached and buttons fastened.
4. Shoes cleaned and shined.
5. Clean-shaven, mustaches not to extend beyond the corners of the mouth.
6. (Men) – Hair neatly cut and combed above the collar. (Women) – Hair neatly combed, and styled.
7. Nails clean and trimmed.
8. Keeping items that cause bulging out of pockets.
9. Sideburns to extend no lower than the lowest opening of the ear.
10. Uniform requirements include:
a. Black steel-toed shoes
b. White short-sleeved uniform shirt
c. Navy blue uniform slacks
d. Badge and other assigned brass
e. Name tag
f. Picture I.D./Matrix Card
g. Black belt
h. Black socks
i. White t-shirt with no picture or words
j. Black ink pen and notebook with a black cover
k. Flashlight with holder
l. Safety button

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