While a lot of companies, individuals and shop owners hire reliable security guard services in Malaysia, the big question is, are they really trained to handle the job? After all, a professional should be fully trained and be able to act as the most dependable person during times of crisis. Hiring security guards in Klang, Selangor or any other location is quite easy in Malaysia because a lot of third party providers offer this services. But, in order to ensure the utmost level of security and reliability, they should be trained on multiple levels and know their roles efficiently so that they could perform without slowing down at important moments. Here are some areas where a guard from a reputed company will be trained on.

Security Planning

One of the most important aspect because a security guard in Selangor whom you hire should be able to lead a team if required and should also know how to act promptly in case they are the only one working in the premises. Either way, the reputed service providers always start off the training by teaching them how to plan their security based on the location. When it is a large store, shopping mall or bank, the security planning procedure is a group activity where the guards will segregate the locations between themselves and guard them individually. They would also plan how to inform and alert others when required besides initiating patrolling at regular intervals for maximum protection.


Once you hire the best Gurkha guard in Klang, you will definitely acquire the best level of confidence and can also feel at ease. They will not only be able to plan security to monitor the entire venue but will also focus on how to communicate the situation to their fellow guards. You can help them by providing the necessary equipment such as walkie talkie, monitoring cams and so on. They will make good use of it as they have been trained in the technical aspects as well as manual security measures.

Job Role

Compared to a random guard, a home security guard in Klang or armed security guard Malaysia for important locations such as banks or malls will be educated on their job role. They will have basic knowledge of the law and order guidelines in the country. They will also know the extent to which they can go to nab a culprit, confiscate goods from them if required and also detain them until the police arrives. Hire them from a right company to experience the best services.

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