JSC|JUSTIFY CORRECT SOLUTION “SECURITY IS OUR PRIORITY”….You might be wondering whether hiring a security company for your business is worthwhile or a good idea. It is a question, which most probably many businesses, large, medium or small ask. In order to make a reasonable amount of profit, cutting down on unnecessary expenditure is important. The monthly sales of products or services might be very high for some companies. However, they still cannot seem to make enough money or profit to continue to run their business successfully. One of the major reasons is because they failed to control their monthly expenses. They spent more than they earned or perhaps, nearly as much they earned every month. Getting whatever that is relevant for your business is wise. Is hiring a security company necessary? There are various factors to be considered before you do so. The first question might be the size of your company. If your company is very huge, large or even medium, hiring good security personnel might be a smart move. It does not matter whether your company has highly advanced security or alarm systems. Someone needs to observe the CCTVs or alarm systems now and then. Some companies have the tendency to take action after the crime or problem happens. This is called corrective action. The smarter thing to do would be to take preventive action. Rather than wait for the problem or crime to happen, it is better to prevent it. A security officer would usually observe the happenings at your company’s premises by patrolling the area, watching the CCTVs or alarm systems. An experienced security officer might be able to detect something suspicious. So, before the crime or problem can happen, he might be able to help prevent it by taking the necessary action. In the event that a major theft was to occur, your company may end up losing much money. If your company was producing consumer goods, which were stored at your company’s warehouse, the chances for theft to happen are high. Many companies have lost their goods especially at night. Even if your company has an intricate alarm system and sets it at night, it might be too late by the time the police arrive at your company. The theft might have happened and the thieves might have gotten away. At times, emergencies could happen. If your company were to catch fire, the damage could be severe depending on certain factors. If one or two security guards were around at that the time of the fire, they might be able to do something about it to reduce the damage or even extinguish the fire. Unlike many years ago, nowadays, emergency crisis training in the event of fire, disorder or such has become part of the training curriculum for security guards. In short, it might be safe to say that hiring a security company for your business especially if it is a large or medium one is beneficial and not wasteful. It is possible to save a great deal of money. With the aid of security personnel, crimes like theft might be prevented.

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