Security guards may work in a variety of industries such as banking, government, retail, transportation and healthcare. The training that you will need may cover the basics of protecting property and maintaining a secure environment. Some training may also be geared towards the specific needs of the industry. Before pursuing security guard training, you might want to determine if this is the right career choice. The primary duties include monitoring the premises where you work to prevent theft or violence. Security guards are responsible for preserving order and ensuring that rules of conduct are followed. As a security guard, you might have to use violence to fulfill some of these dutieSECURITY MONITORINGs. Typically, the level of training to be a security guard depends on the extent of your job duties and your employer. Basic training may consist of learning general procedures for patrolling and securing an area. If you want to become an armed security guard, you will need basic training and additional training on firearms usage and safety. To work as a private security, you may receive training from the company. Training needed to become a basic security guard typically involves a criminal justice course that could last from one week to one month. You will learn how to respond to emergencies and secure areas. Material in the course may also cover the legal authority that you will have as a security guard. Most courses also teach safety and accident prevention techniques. To carry a firearm as a security guard, you will have a set number of hours for firearm training. This may vary based on the industry. In addition to the basic training courses, you will also learn firearm safety, marksmanship and legal issues surrounding using a firearm in the line of duty. You can expect rigorous testing that demonstrates knowledge and proper handling of firearms before passing the course. In most states, you will need to be licensed to carry a firearm. Airport safety is a serious issue in the country. To work as a security guard in a major airport, you will receive training from the federal government. You will need to pass a background check and physical exam in Malayasia we call “Vetting Process” .

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