JSC SECURITY SERVICES SDN BHD is a Bumiputera Security Company, which was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 13th September 2001.

In the new century, private security organizations are moving towards a new professionalism. JSC Security recognizes the need in emerging the Malaysian corporate security to a higher to serve credible standard of service to the public. We at JSC Security have a vision to drive to the right direction and understand the principles that by virtue creates value in life.

Would like to share our experiance…

During your shift, you will deal with gang members, would-be terrorists, and angry citizens. Sounds like a tough job for any cop, but you do it every day without weapons and enough training. Imagine trying to do the best job possible with limited resources – it’s a constant challenge. Your job demands that have to keep order and often times you’re the first to deal with a bad situation – because of that you need real self defense training. You can’t tell some scum bag they’re not supposed to fight back and expect them to just walk away without a struggle.

Most security guard jobs are down right boring, but they never stop being dangerous.. Remember, you have an important job to do no matter what people say.

Most of the time your job is to watch, report and provide information to the people working in and visiting your complex – but if things go to hell you’re it until help arrives. Take some time to learn all about the place and the people who work there so you can be someone they can depend on by taking your job seriously. It’s also important that you learn real self defense and be ready to fight someone if necessary. It might not be part of the job, but you better know what to do if things get violent. If you’re the first to get there you’re also the first to fight. You have to begin preparing yourself for the dangers that come with the job before something bad happens.

For many you’re the friendly face that tells them where things are and helps them out when they forget their keys – but you know at a moment’s notice you will be the first person on scene in a crisis situation. You help the police and fire department stop the bad guys at the door. You do the hard part and supply the courage, but to survive until the end of your shift you need good self defense training. When you step into action you need to have all the training so you can guard the people you have been assigned to protect.


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