Security work is an overlooked and under-appreciated profession. While certainly not police officers, security officers do function as private law enforcement and frequently work with police departments in detaining and arresting shoplifters, vandals and violent offenders. While some job assignments can be more mundane than others, security work requires a great deal of personal responsibility and professionalism. Most states require security personnel to be licensed and there are habits that every security officer should employ while on the job.


In my experience most people want to become security guards for extra money as an easy job to get into. In Australia you can get a security job easily and after only 10 days training and paying for a license. Suddenly you are now a security guard.

You are responsible for peoples lives

Do you really think that doing 10 days in some training companies teaches you enough to be able to protect a person and business by yourself. Most of the time you will be by yourself and it will be entirely on your shoulders if something goes wrong and you screw it up. This is only the start of your training.

What you need to do

  1. Review and study all your courses manuals every week until you know it all of by heart
    2. Attend every refresher course and upgrade in person. DON’T just RPL it. This is lazy and you miss opportunities to learn from other experienced guards every new course you attend.
    3. Read and study a security manual or text book every month to increase your knowledge.
    4. Get fit and exercise everyday. You will need to use it one day to save yours or someone else’s life.
    5. Practice self defense techniques every month with a friend or work colleague. Play hard so you work easy
    6. Read the news and stay ahead of security crime events in your working areas
    7. When you start work with a security company read all their manuals and Operating procedures every week until you know them off by heart.
    8. Find a more experienced security guard to help you with questions and solutions for problems you have faced recently.
    9. Build a strong learning and development work habit by asking a security manager to help mentor you in advanced security techniques.
    10. Never make assumptions when dealing or approaching people when working. Everyone is dangerous and it only takes a second to cause you serious harm. Keep your focus and be safe at all times.

Security Professionals

If you want to become a security professional then you need to do all the above and apply it every time you work. In addition, you need to get more qualifications each year in the security industry. If you never develop your security skills and knowledge why should the security company use you for better jobs or management work.



It all starts with you.

As an Emergency Response Team leader and specialist in providing Risk Management services to clients across Australia I am able to deliver hands on realistic training courses to help your business manage its risks.

Through my desktop scenario emergency simulations your emergency management team can rehearse and practice its response procedures to a range of customised critical incidents that may impact on your business.

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