Night club security officers are responsible for much more than the guest list.

A job as a night club security officer might seem glamorous since you work around beautiful men and women out on the town for a night of enjoyment. This occupation, however, is not easy, as you must be able to handle stressful and sometimes chaotic situations with authority. A night club security officer must be a strong leader who is able to command respect and maintain a safe atmosphere for patrons and employee




    • Improve your body strength through weight training and exercise. A night club security officer needs to have a commanding presence and the ability to use force if absolutely necessary.

    • Take courses in conflict management. The major role of a security officer is to diffuse a tense situation before it turns violent. Conflict management training gives you the tools and tricks you need to quickly assess situations that happen on the job.

    • Earn certification in CPR and other first-aid procedures. A night club security officer is generally the person who tends to injured patrons before emergency personnel arrives.

    • Assess your background. A common stereotype is that night club security bouncers love to fight and have criminal backgrounds. However, this is not true for many establishments. Many night clubs hire off-duty police officers as security, while others only hire security officers with clean criminal records.

    • Build a rapport with the personnel of the club where you want to work. Many night club managers only hire security officers through referrals. They want someone they can trust with the success and manageability of their club.

    • Establish relationships with other night club security officers that work in your area. Other security guards can offer advice for certain situations that commonly come up in area night clubs. Fellow officers can also give you heads up on job leads.


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