Customers look forward to hire professional guard but most of them often don’t know what they are looking for. Hiring security guards in Klang is not that difficult if you know what your requirements are. Before you sign a contract with a company, make sure you know what is that you are agreeing to.

Before the Contract

• When signing the contract, always spend ample time to read through it thoroughly. You shouldn’t miss a single clause because if it is purely in favor of the company and the guard, you may not be able to make any claims during times of crisis.

• Security guard services in Selangor will usually provide you all the details about the guard who is being assigned to your residence or office. In case they don’t, you have the freedom to ask to show their valid license, training certificates as well as proof of evidence for the insurance coverage. It should help alleviate your doubts.

• Before you sign, you should prepare detailed instructions for patrolling, job description, responsibilities and other liabilities. Attach them with the contract and the agreement so that the company and the guard agrees to it at any early stage. Paying them first and asking them to sign these again is not the best way to go about it.

• Instruct them to provide written and digital activity log to make sure the guards provide you a brief overview. You can talk about this with the security guards company in Klang and they will brief on the procedures that all their guards follow.

• Make sure the agreement confirms that the contract agency takes full responsibility for the security and the background verification process. The fee that you pay includes these services and it should be covered by default.

Assisting the guard

Be it your office, residence or an apartment, make sure the guard is provided with all the emergency contact numbers and a contact for the right person. You should also provide a photo identification list of all the occupants in the apartment or in an office. It will allow them to work efficiently and easily identify any trespassers who are not part of the company. You can either assign a supervisor to co-ordinate with them or can communicate with them directly on daily updates. Always get the best services from them and never compromise on security factor because it matters a lot to you as well as the residents/employees.


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