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Many individuals feel unsafe in a time where home invasions and thefts are high in number. While you can hire a reliable home security guard in Klang to protect your premises, it is all good if the family members are well-trained and know how to handle such critical situations. And, it’s good if you befriend the neighbors as soon as you move in. 

Find Reputed Security Solutions

The first step to protect your family against such invasions is to not just hire any guard but the one from reliable security guard services in Malaysia. A good company always does detailed background verification to ensure they don’t have any criminal background. This step is important to make sure your guard doesn’t team up with other burglars to ambush you.

Be Cautious with Doors and Windows

Using the right type of wood and locks for your doors is seriously important. Just because some of them looks fancy doesn’t mean they can protect you well. Besides, make it a habit and teach your family members including children to lock all windows, doors, even the ones that are in the first or second floor to avoid any intrusions. Such issues not only occur in the night but sometimes in the morning as well when there is little activity outside.

Understand the Intruder’s Intentions

You may wonder why a civilian like you should think like a cop and understand a criminal’s intentions. But, if you wish to protect your family, you should know what he seeks. If they are simply looking for cash, give them whatever is available and save yourself for the time being. Home invasions often occur with complete homework where they pose as a technician or someone else to assess the valuables in your home before invading. Always be careful of whom you allow into your home and see if they actually come from the company that you called.

Surveillance Equipment Helps

Investing in good surveillance equipment can help you nab the thief at a later time and sometimes it also shuns them off, considering the fact that it is risky to attack someone like you. A reliable security guard business in Malaysia may have all the equipment that you could purchase and they will also help you install them at the right positions. Try to keep some cameras in wide view and instantly recognizable while keep some hidden so that they could capture the culprit’s face without being destroyed.

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A business location, be it a supermarket, a bank or a shopping mall, every premises will attract potential threats and criminals due to various reasons. It is given that most points where such transactions take place, plenty of cash is handled on a daily basis. The currency makes it a possible location to loot which is why it easily attracts such problems. Here’s how you could keep them away and create a peaceful atmosphere for your business as well as customers.

Install Surveillance Materials

There are many security guard services in Selangor which may be able to offer you surveillance materials. While cameras are the most important of them all, you should also consider installing other accessories including video monitors within your office as well as metal detectors. When every person is checked for possession of any such metals, the people who come in to survey your venue for a future attack will most probably reconsider the plan as it is not possible to bring any weapons inside without triggering the alarm.

Hire Able Security Guards

The security guard in Malaysia who are trained to face such situations and have complete military grade weapons can make sure no one approaches your business venue with notorious thoughts. Hiring a guard is not just about making your customers and workers feel secure but it also opens a whole new way of threatening the criminals in an indirect manner. When a guard is around, their chances are getting caught is too high which is why they wouldn’t risk attacking your place in the morning and when the same security is maintained at night, they wouldn’t dare mess with you. These are some important aspects for any business to flourish.

Use Communication Tools

When handling large premises, a security guard in Selangor should be well equipped with the latest communication tools so that they can easily notify their fellow guards of any suspicious activity. When guards are monitoring different parts of the building or a complex, they tend to walk far off to make sure their patrolling covers every corners and sides. But, when doing so, they should be able to transfer the news to another guard in case something wrong is going place. Using radios is a great way to ensure they are in touch and it also makes it easy to track someone if they suddenly go missing or lose their belonging.

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Business owners and individuals think twice before investing in hiring a security guard. But, many wonder if hiring them would actually help them secure their premises and solve the purpose. You can get an idea by reading this simple guide which will describe the job responsibility of a security guard.

Job Responsibility

As most of you might have seen or heard, the majority of the duty time of a security guard is spent on foot patrolling the premises. If you have hired more than one person through reliable security guard services in Malaysia, they will split the location between themselves and patrol in an orderly fashion. Basically, the job demands them to be extremely alert irrespective of their time of duty. A guard should always be prepared to face any crisis, especially the ones related to theft, criminal activities and assaults. But, their job role also involves taking care of critical situations such as fire, earthquake and other natural disasters as well as accidents.

Compared to individual securities, guards hired through reliable security guard business in Malaysia are better equipped in terms of communication tools. They always make good use of gadgets including phones, radios and other tools which makes it easier to secure large premises. The guards also spend a great deal of time in inspecting all entrances and exists. Their duty is to check the bags and other belongings of visitors to make sure they are not carrying any harmful items within their storage compartments.

Location Based Responsibility

Based on the venue that the guards protect, their job roles and daily duties will vary. A home security guard in Klang may not have extreme pressure unless the residence belongs to a very important person, a political personality or a celebrity with high threat levels. But, a guard who works to protect a bank along with a group of other guards may have to be on high alert on a daily basis. They patrol the premises as well the surroundings periodically to ensure everything is in order.

Hiring a guard has a whole load of benefits for the business owners and property managers because the very presence of a security guard would instantly strike fear in the heart of the culprits. They are less likely to involve in any illegal activities and it also creates a secure location for the visitors to move around without hassles.

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As a security officer, your observations show your client what you are doing during your shift and protect your client should an incident occur. For these reasons, your Daily Action Report (DAR) must be accurate and detailed. The DAR is also referred to as the Shift Report or the Patrol Log.

  • Write legibly in printing, not in cursive. Your client needs to be able to read your handwriting, and if there is an incident on your shift your log may be used as evidence in a police report or in court..
  • Include your name and the date of your shift. Also include the start and end times of your shift
  • Take notes in your field notebook while you do your rounds. Do not use your memory to complete your DAR. Note the time regularly.


  • Make note of the weather. Write down detailed descriptions of people. Your client does not want to see “All quiet” written in your report every two hours. Even everything is quiet, make note of what is going on. Details like weather, the time and who was in the area can be important should an incident occur.
  • Avoid shorthand. Avoid any types of abbreviations not commonly known outside of the security business, as someone else may need to refer to your notes later.Make note of everything you do on your rounds. This includes making note of any potential fire hazards, any insecure areas and any areas that are not well-lit. Part of your job is to protect your client from liability cases, so make sure to make note of anything that could cause someone harm.
  • Be detailed, objective and specific when writing your report. Use the notes you made in your field notebook. Write down your observations, not your opinions. Keep your notes brief. Bear in mind that the person reading your report is looking for informative detail, not overly descriptive or opinionated passages that go on for pages.
  • Sign and date your report.


If you make a mistake, make a single line through the error, and initial it.

  • You may want to write out your report on practice paper first, and then read it through before you write your report. Make sure your report makes sense to you as you read it, and that you can determine what actually happened.
  • No one reading your reports should be able to determine any real pattern in how you do your rounds.
  • If an incident does occur, make sure you make detailed notes about who was involved, what happened and when it happened. Also make note of where the incident happened and why or how it happened. If the people involved left the scene, add notes about the direction or directions they or the cars they were in went.


  • Avoid scratching mistakes out completely in both your field notebook and your DAR.

Our security Managers and officers are mainly from ex-Armed Forces, Royal Malaysian Police Force, Malaysian Prisons Department or any other allied security services. These officers are capable of guiding and training our security guards to perform professional job in whatever assignment undertaken by us. Statistically, our company consist of 70 % Bumiputera Guards, 20 % Indian Guards, 5 % Chinese Guards and 5 % other ethnic guards. Our guards age range from 20 to 59 years. Our Security Guards are vetted before being employed. We also provide elite Gurkha Guards service (from Ex-Army background) recruited from Nepal.


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