As a security officer, your observations show your client what you are doing during your shift and protect your client should an incident occur. For these reasons, your Daily Action Report (DAR) must be accurate and detailed. The DAR is also referred to as the Shift Report or the Patrol Log.

  • Write legibly in printing, not in cursive. Your client needs to be able to read your handwriting, and if there is an incident on your shift your log may be used as evidence in a police report or in court..
  • Include your name and the date of your shift. Also include the start and end times of your shift
  • Take notes in your field notebook while you do your rounds. Do not use your memory to complete your DAR. Note the time regularly.



  • Make note of the weather. Write down detailed descriptions of people. Your client does not want to see “All quiet” written in your report every two hours. Even everything is quiet, make note of what is going on. Details like weather, the time and who was in the area can be important should an incident occur.
  • Avoid shorthand. Avoid any types of abbreviations not commonly known outside of the security business, as someone else may need to refer to your notes later.Make note of everything you do on your rounds. This includes making note of any potential fire hazards, any insecure areas and any areas that are not well-lit. Part of your job is to protect your client from liability cases, so make sure to make note of anything that could cause someone harm.
  • Be detailed, objective and specific when writing your report. Use the notes you made in your field notebook. Write down your observations, not your opinions. Keep your notes brief. Bear in mind that the person reading your report is looking for informative detail, not overly descriptive or opinionated passages that go on for pages.
  • Sign and date your report.


If you make a mistake, make a single line through the error, and initial it.

  • You may want to write out your report on practice paper first, and then read it through before you write your report. Make sure your report makes sense to you as you read it, and that you can determine what actually happened.
  • No one reading your reports should be able to determine any real pattern in how you do your rounds.
  • If an incident does occur, make sure you make detailed notes about who was involved, what happened and when it happened. Also make note of where the incident happened and why or how it happened. If the people involved left the scene, add notes about the direction or directions they or the cars they were in went.


  • Avoid scratching mistakes out completely in both your field notebook and your DAR.

Our security Managers and officers are mainly from ex-Armed Forces, Royal Malaysian Police Force, Malaysian Prisons Department or any other allied security services. These officers are capable of guiding and training our security guards to perform professional job in whatever assignment undertaken by us. Statistically, our company consist of 70 % Bumiputera Guards, 20 % Indian Guards, 5 % Chinese Guards and 5 % other ethnic guards. Our guards age range from 20 to 59 years. Our Security Guards are vetted before being employed. We also provide elite Gurkha Guards service (from Ex-Army background) recruited from Nepal.


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Security officers must meet certain standards of appearance because of their important position of being among the first to greet visitors to the Plant. While other employees may occasionally present a casual or even unkempt appearance, security officers should never do so, even during the night shift hours. Security officers will report for duty in a clean, neatly pressed, serviceable uniform worn completely and correctly. Articles will not be carried in the pockets that will cause a bulge. The breast shield will be worn where it is visible at all times. Black shoes, black socks, and black belts will be worn.
The normal standard of appearance Of Security Officer  includes:
1. Clean and freshly ironed shirt.
2. Clean and neatly pressed uniform pants.
3. Wearing the complete uniform with all brass attached and buttons fastened.
4. Shoes cleaned and shined.
5. Clean-shaven, mustaches not to extend beyond the corners of the mouth.
6. (Men) – Hair neatly cut and combed above the collar. (Women) – Hair neatly combed, and styled.
7. Nails clean and trimmed.
8. Keeping items that cause bulging out of pockets.
9. Sideburns to extend no lower than the lowest opening of the ear.
10. Uniform requirements include:
a. Black steel-toed shoes
b. White short-sleeved uniform shirt
c. Navy blue uniform slacks
d. Badge and other assigned brass
e. Name tag
f. Picture I.D./Matrix Card
g. Black belt
h. Black socks
i. White t-shirt with no picture or words
j. Black ink pen and notebook with a black cover
k. Flashlight with holder
l. Safety button

so I’m sure the client will look to support the vibrant to the security company. At this time the market needs an elite security officers at this time. JSC Security provides quality security officers. If and to obtain security services from our company, please contact the Marketing Officer Our online 03-3324 8811 or 0163404094

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There are many different types of security guard jobs in Malaysia Some people may be well suited for several different kinds of security guard jobs, while other may find that one type of job is much better suited to them.

One of the types of security guard jobs that you might want to explore is the mall security guard position. Security guard training is necessary for this job, as it is for all security guard jobs. Training will help you learn how to manage the responsibilities that are required in a shopping mall setting.

Some of the duties that you will be expected to be responsible for are preventing criminal activities, like shoplifting, and maintaining order amongst the shoppers. You may be needed to mediate disagreements or to escort people out of the mall. Security guards are present in malls during business hours and when the mall is closed. Security guards need to make sure that all doors and locks are secure.JSC Security Force

To work in a security guard position in a mall you must be able to pass criminal record checks (among others). If you have a conviction or a record of a felony you will not be able to work in a mall as a security guard.

Before you begin a job you will need to take a pre-assignment training session that lasts about 8 hours. This will give you a better overview of what will be expected of you and whether or not you are well suited for the job. If you complete this training session successfully, you will be eligible to start on-the-job training. Some of your training will include knowledge about trespassing laws, handling crowds, and law enforcement.
Mall security guards are always in demand because of the amount of malls that are continually being built. Even in an unstable economy, people still love to shop and malls are one of their favorite places to find what they need.

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