Prompt reporting for duty is must for all officers. Attendance plays a major role in the officer of the month and quarter selections, pay raises, promotions, and of course, retention of the job. However, from time to time, it is expected that each officer will be required to be tardy or miss an appointed shift altogether. During the 90-day probation period, a security officer can accumulate 6 points before being terminated for cause. After this period, an officer may accumulate 12 points before being terminated with cause. The officer managing the Security Desk and Personnel Gate must be thoroughly familiar with absentee procedures and all required paperwork to support such an absence. There are four occasions when paperwork must be completed and approved by the shift supervisor to support employee absences. They are:
1. No Call/No Show: This form will be completed, normally by the shift supervisor. This form documents details of an officer, who did not report forduty as scheduled and who has not called giving reasons for his/her absence.
2. Absentee Call/In Form: This form will be completed to support the details surrounding an officer who is unable to report to work for a scheduled shift. The call should be received at least 2 hours before the shift was to begin, if possible.
3. Tardy Checklist: This form is used to document details supporting an officer being late (tardy) arriving at work. The call should be received at least 2 hours before the shift was to begin if possible. Tardy with report is ½ point and tardy with no report is 1 point.
4. Checklist For Officer Leaving Before End Of Shift: Circumstances may occur which require an officer to be absent from his/her post after they have assumed post duties. These circumstances should in all cases be limited to family or officer emergencies only. Should this happen, the shift supervisor will document the occasion using the checklist.

NOTE: An officer should always be properly relieved before departing from the post.

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