who is Security Officer?

A security officer is trained to recognize unsafe and insecure conditions as well as the proper method to respond to those conditions. This encompasses the discipline of security.

A security officer must possess good judgement, physical fitness, and the proper attitude. An officer must ask their self , ” If something goes wrong, then what will I do? What possible safety hazards, fire hazards or security breaches might I have to respond to, and how might I prevent them? What specific steps should I take on a day to day basis to keep the post secure? What emergencies may occur and what is the proper way to deal with them? What resources do I have to conduct security?


JSC Security’s prime mission is to provide excellent and competent security services to our clients and safe environment to the public. By doing so, we have to identify the most probable action to be adopted on every assignment undertaken. This will determine the adequate number of personnel to be allocated for the proper and exact specification needed. Consequently, this will indicate the type of personnel to be engaged in enhancing the productivity to satisfy the needs of our clients. We are bound to deliver the best to our clients.

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