The sole purpose of hiring a security guard in Malaysia is to make sure people in your household feel safe and to make it easy for customers visiting your business venue, so that they could transact cash and buy goods or services without any threat issues. Similarly, when it comes to areas that are easily prone to thefts and other types of criminal activities, hiring a guard becomes mandatory. But, did you know the importance of hiring a licensed one?

A licensed security guard in Selangor and other areas of Malaysia can be easily hired if you find him from a reputed company that trains besides assigning them to different services based on client requirements. There are so many reasons that can be stated but here are the top five that you should know.

  • Licensing is the most basic identification for a guard and it helps you identify that he is a legitimate person and can be completely trusted. When there are so many different people in a business venue such as a shopping mall or a bank, you can’t instantly know if the person in the uniform is the real one. Just ask him to flash the license to instantly verify
  • A person who holds a valid license from a reputed security guard services in Selangor can acquire the required papers only after their background verification has been complete. They have to support their documents and confirm that there are no existing or past criminal records in their identity.
  • The security guard is granted the license by a service provider only after they successfully complete the training phase. It helps them learn the different nuances of security companies and they are taught on ways to handle crisis, criminals as well as secure the premises efficiently.
  • There are different levels of licensing as well and the validity date allows an employer to easily know their experience which helps them hire the right type of person based on the level of security required. If they need an experienced personnel, they can easily segregate them based on these guidelines.
  • The security guard in Malaysia will always have a license number based on the agency from which they acquired it which allows you to easily track them when required and also know their background without difficulty.

With so many benefits to hiring a licensed personnel, you have little reason to say no to it. Hire them from the right service provider to enjoy complete security throughout the years.

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 While a lot of companies, individuals and shop owners hire reliable security guard services in Malaysia, the big question is, are they really trained to handle the job? After all, a professional should be fully trained and be able to act as the most dependable person during times of crisis. Hiring security guards in Klang, Selangor or any other location is quite easy in Malaysia because a lot of third party providers offer this services. But, in order to ensure the utmost level of security and reliability, they should be trained on multiple levels and know their roles efficiently so that they could perform without slowing down at important moments. Here are some areas where a guard from a reputed company will be trained on.

Security Planning

One of the most important aspect because a security guard in Selangor whom you hire should be able to lead a team if required and should also know how to act promptly in case they are the only one working in the premises. Either way, the reputed service providers always start off the training by teaching them how to plan their security based on the location. When it is a large store, shopping mall or bank, the security planning procedure is a group activity where the guards will segregate the locations between themselves and guard them individually. They would also plan how to inform and alert others when required besides initiating patrolling at regular intervals for maximum protection.


Once you hire the best Gurkha guard in Klang, you will definitely acquire the best level of confidence and can also feel at ease. They will not only be able to plan security to monitor the entire venue but will also focus on how to communicate the situation to their fellow guards. You can help them by providing the necessary equipment such as walkie talkie, monitoring cams and so on. They will make good use of it as they have been trained in the technical aspects as well as manual security measures.

Job Role

Compared to a random guard, a home security guard in Klang or armed security guard Malaysia for important locations such as banks or malls will be educated on their job role. They will have basic knowledge of the law and order guidelines in the country. They will also know the extent to which they can go to nab a culprit, confiscate goods from them if required and also detain them until the police arrives. Hire them from a right company to experience the best services.

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Before you set out to hire a security guard company, you should always know the basic guidelines and the right ways to hire the best people in the industry. While there are plenty of companies in Malaysia to choose from, going for the one that has the best reputation is always available. Here are some simple but useful tips to finding the right company in your locality.


Take their reputation into consideration. If the company has gained positive customer reviews in most third party websites and have good star rating in different platforms, then they are the ones with which you could strike a deal with. Earning a decent reputation is not an easy task as it is built with years of hard work, dedication and quality service. Spend time in researching their name over the web and check positive as well as negative comments, if any before you conclude.

Experience of Guards

The best Gurkha guards services always offer guards who have many years of experience in securing different locations. They are professionals who are hired from Nepal and other important locations for its special services. The professional will be truly trained under a strict circumstance and their expertise will help you secure your environment much better. You can verify the training process that is used by the security company to see how efficient their guards would be and check the number of years of experience of the personnel who are sent to you for review. This should give you a clear idea of what to expect and how reliable they are.

Background Verification

An important aspect of hiring best Nepal guards company in Johor is to probe their background verification process. A good company will always have a really stringent verification process and will not easily hire the security personnel. They will scrutinize their background and will spend ample days in making sure the one hired doesn’t have any criminal background or have participated in any illegal activities. The process will help you gain peace of mind and a strong sense of trust over the service provider.

Hiring a security guard company in Malaysia is not as complicated as you might think because there are many good ones in the region and a company like ours that have been in the industry for decades besides gaining strong customer feedback will easily cope up with your requirements. Find the right people and prevent crimes besides creating a secured atmosphere.

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Security is a major concern in todays fast pace world. Alarming rate of theft and anti-social activities are simple reasons why our society is in need of security guard services.

With escalating crime rates, the need for hiring a reliable security guard service in Malaysia has become one of the utmost important things. Fortunately, there are several private security companies in Malaysia that offer security guard services both for corporate and personal security purposes. However, it becomes vital to find a service that you can really count on because it’s all about dependability and that’s the key here!

Steps to find reliable security guard services.

Initially, you’ve to consider what type of protection you need and the responsibilities of the guard. Level of security together with the budget required to achieve that particular level should be determined.
Once the aforesaid things are clear, whether the guards are employed by an organization or hired unswervingly by the end user, screening process should be done and it is crucial. With these considerations you will be able to find the most dependable security guard service. If at all, you wanted to make the process even simpler, then you can consider the help of private security companies.

There are lots of advantages when you hire for them. Seeing that background checks have always been crucial, there are chances for some slip-ups which will ultimately result in an absolute blunder. As you go by the way of hiring from private security companies, there are very less chances for you to go wrong because they would have already gone through certain background checks together with certain amount of training to have the advantage of easy selection.

Principally engaged as a provider of an all-inclusive range of security services in Malaysia, jsc security can offer you with all types of security guards who will meet your exact requirements and endow with great security services.

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