In this world where technology and gadgets have taken over the path of our life, the quest for a safe and sound living still lingers around the need of every Malaysian.

Home security has always been regarded as the core when comes to addressing the safety and secure aspect of our general living.

Today, Malaysians have been well exposed in living alongside some state of the art control system especially in securing the general dwelling, remote supervision and mobility.

The moment we leave our home, we have trained ourselves to adhere to control systems be it in permitting access or even guarding our belonging and properties.

What was once considered as alien terminologies such as Vehicle Access Control and Visitor Screening Systems have now become things of second nature in our daily life.

Most gated and guarded communities in recent times have embarked on technological approach in their security control management and protection monitoring systems.

Today, from entering into the compound to the living space, every bit of movement and access is within control of a centralized system.

Surprisingly the amount of investment, financial commitment and budget allocation channeled into this need for secure and safe living is fast increasing and at times sounds astonishing when the figures are revealed.

A medium end condo management today is spending somewhere around RM150 000 on an average monthly basis in catering to sophisticated and superior security systems.

What started by having man’s best friend as our loyal guards, our K9 companions have now become more of a biological accessory in security management operations nationwide if not as mere bedroom pets.

The most advancement in security screening and movement control systems has been in the areas of visual capture and video surveillance or integrated CCTV systems.

In some high end residential developments today, access control has gone beyond imagination as it has evolved to the extent using technologies such as the face identification system and IRIS detection platforms.

With Malaysians ever demanding quest for the best, we have slowly moved from conventional security systems into state of the art protection platforms of control.

However, one question remains unanswered as we are still puzzled that even with the best protection around, it seems as thou the bad guys are one step ahead all the time.

The statement might sound to be in exaggeration, but recent crime index and statistical records are never too far from telling the truth.

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